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Eye Safety and Trauma 
With Spring and Summer fast approaching, eye safety becomes of major importance. During this time of year, eye injuries from all causes are on the rise. And although most eye injuries are minor and have a low potential for permanent injury or severe damage, avoiding injury in the first place is still the key to prevention of serious eye injuries.

The use of appropriate protective eyewear is the starting point for the prevention of eye injuries. Kids participating in sports should use suitable protective eyewear for that sport. 

For sports with low potential for eye injury, normal eyewear with impact resistant lenses are more than sufficient for protection. Kids involved in sports which involve high velocity objects will need specialized protective eyewear. This may consist of impact resistant lenses in special sports frames, impact resistant shields attached to helmets, or cages attached to helmets.

Although protective eyewear can't prevent all eye injuries, many injuries which would be severe or vision threatening can be minimized through the use of appropriate eye protection.

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