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Barry Oppenheim, M.D.


Expertise and convenience close to your home. We make the eye care experience fun for kids and easy for you! Children enjoy coming to our office and often don't want to leave.
We believe that kids deserve special care. From the first time you call our office to the time you leave, you'll notice that we are kid friendly (and parent friendly too).

Realizing that parents and kids have differing schedules we make every attempt to schedule your child's appointment to meet your schedule.

Our appointments are scheduled for longer times because we know that kids can't be rushed. We also know parents often have lots of questions which need time to be answered.

Young children sometimes have short attention spans so we don't want them waiting too long. We schedule our appointments to run on time. This means no long waits to see the doctor.

Siblings are always welcome in our office. If you want they can watch their big brother or sister get their eyes checked. Or they can play in our playroom and watch a video.

During the exam your child will be made to feel as comfortable as possible. "One size" does not fit all so your child won't be rushed or made to do tests he or she can't.

After the exam you'll have plenty of time to ask as many questions as you like. If you forget to ask a question or think of a question after you leave, please feel free to call our office. You can even e-mail us your questions.


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